John T. Peters, C0-Founder

Strategic Partnerships.

It’s what we do.

We have spent much of our professional lives in travel and tourism, hospitality, media, technology, and retail, Always focusing on digital transformation, improving the customer journey and generating revenue, we have been senior business development and marketing executives, and Presidents and CEO’s of companies, both large and small, public and private. Most important, we are entrepreneurs, and understand the importance of speed in business. A proper strategic partnership can offer just that; speedy growth, increased revenues, and relevant brand exposure.

Throughout our careers, we’ve proven we can build winning strategic partnerships with premier brands and innovative technology, all to enhance the customer experience and create value for all stakeholders.

Our specialty is conceiving, creating and implementing strategic partnerships from the ground up. We know exactly what to do, because we’ve done it hundreds of times before. We’ve done deals with media companies, auto manufacturers, hospitality companies, international governments, luxury retailers, technology companies, social media companies, and so many more.

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