So much to do – so few resources?

Right now, someplace there’s someone just like you, who is short on time, short on resources, and short on manpower, who needs to overcome the same types of challenges you do. The truth is, if you’d partner up, you’d both get to your end goal and share in the spoils. Together, you’d get there faster, cheaper, and with less risk. Sound complicated? It isn’t – if you know HOW to partner.

The hardest step is picking the right partner. You’ll soon find out, not everyone wants to partner. So, start by making a list. Who needs more customers like the ones you already have? Who has customers that your product or service would appeal to? Who would benefit from promoting to your customer list? Before you panic, I’m NOT talking about giving away databases and I’m not talking about short-term, one-off deals. I’m talking about long-term, strategic partnerships. Media companies, credit card companies, hospitality companies, universities, retailers – the possibilities are endless.

You’ll need a good strategy. Here’s where my team and I can help, and do so quickly. Within a short time, we could put together a list of dozens of companies that might be open to partnering. Pitched correctly, many companies would consider working together to achieve a common goal. Interested? Let’s talk.

Partnership Pairings

The first mistake people make when thinking about strategic partnerships is they pair with the wrong partner. Sure, you want to shoot for the moon and partner with the biggest and the best, but that might not always be the right move. The “biggest and the best” might sign a deal with you, but then be completely disinterested in making the partnership really work. Put simply, you have to partner with the right company – the one that is just as interested in you are in obtaining mutually beneficial results.