Partnership Pairings

The first mistake people make when thinking about strategic partnerships is they pair with the wrong partner. Sure, you want to shoot for the moon and partner with the biggest and the best, but that might not always be the right move. The “biggest and the best” might sign a deal with you, but then be completely disinterested in making the partnership really work. Put simply, you have to partner with the right company – the one that is just as interested in you are in obtaining mutually beneficial results.

Published by John T. Peters

Since I was a young boy, I've been in business for myself. Sure I've had 'jobs' along the way; some actually quite senior roles in major companies. My entreprenurial spirit however, keeps me going. Life's challenges however, happen in and out of the office. I'm constantly trying to improve as an executive, father, husband, brother, son and friend, all at the same time. I've determined that in everything you do, you're better off "outside the box." So, read on for Fresh Thinking.

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