How it works

Strategic Partnerships are very complicated if you’ve never done them before. We make it easy. And, with us, you’re in good hands.

How it works
Our 6-step process.

Step 1: We listen, brainstorm, and talk about your business

In order to find out which partners and partnerships would work best for your organization, we have to do some fact-finding first. We’ll first sit down together for an hours-long meeting, so we can ask questions – a lot of questions – about your goals, so we can build a partnership plan that will actually work for you. Are you looking simply to align your brand with other, well-known brands, for overall exposure? Are you looking to drive revenue? Launch a new product? The answers to these questions, and many others, will help us determine the best path for your organization.

Step 2: We create a plan and present it to you.

After we gather all the information we need, we’ll prepare a strategic partnership plan for you. The plan will include categories of partners, an initial list of potential targets, the related timeline for the project and the strategy by which we’ll accomplish the project for (and with) you. At this point, you sign off on the plan and we move forward.

Step 3: We research, connect and pitch.

We will then reach out to our contacts (and contacts of contacts) and start pitching the plan to determine interest. We’ll do this for a group of potential partners, and we’ll set up joint meetings with you, for introductions and buy-in.

Step 4: We design an actual Strategic Partnership to achieve your goals.

Up until this point, all the plans have been theoretical and aspirational. This is the stage however, where we iron out all the details; who does what, and by when. The plan will lay out responsibilities and help us identify any potential roadblocks. This is the stage where everyone signs off on the plan.

Step 5: We help with the contracting.

We believe the success of the strategic partnership depends on buy-in and understanding by all the key stakeholders in the organizations involved. Often, that’s all you need. It is critical though, to have a signed agreement in place to avoid any misunderstandings. We will work with your legal team (or connect you with attorneys familiar with such agreements) to make sure a proper agreement is signed and in place.

Step 6: We assist with or manage the implementation.

After all the plans are in place, the partners are on board, the details determined and the contracts signed, it’s time to implement. We can help launch or stay on through the whole project, to make sure everything goes smoothly. We find that once an organization experiences a successful strategic partnership, they truly embrace the concept. We know this will be your experience as well.

Case Studies

Rand McNally & USA Today

700 small town across America.
5 road rally teams of videographers.
An RV with a film crew.
A strategic partnership between
Rand McNally, USA Today, Travel Channel, Honda, Choice Hotels and others.
1 BILLION media impressions.

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